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calm down calm down! Its only google earth..

Tweet Scouse’s hate google earth… Or does google has Scousers  Jenny Douglas, planning director of Liverpool Vision, explained: “The current Google Earth images show roofing work still under way at Lime Street train station. This work took place between … Continue reading

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Google is run by Dogs !

TweetIts a amazing a blog from …. You guessed it a DOG!!! Google dogs blog.. What do dogs get paid in ? Unlike some others, I may be a small dog, but size is just a state of mind: My … Continue reading

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Long description looping on google! What a Mess..

TweetJust checked out a fun site I play around with.. Using the site: command I listed all the url’s to see if the site had popped out of the sup’s (supplement results baggers 😉 ) And today I found a … Continue reading

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New google serps layout.. map included!

TweetToday i’ve come accross loads of serps with map for US companies just under the description.. a google + sign just like the one in webmaster tools expands when pressed to show the location of the company with the address … Continue reading

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Breaking news! EU stop the uk from buying cheaper alcohol and tobacco.

TweetBig hit to european non uk websites! European Union judges are to deliver a ruling in a case that could change the way shoppers buy alcohol and tobacco.  Due to a higher tax rate on Alcohol and Tabacco in … Continue reading

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$500 + google shock

TweetGoogle has now made it past the $500 mark..  Many forums had much speculation about if this would ever happen..  Reuters  Many blogs and forums Just starting to chat about this!!  More links to come.. … Continue reading

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Yahoo time capsule is full of ummm stuff

Tweet From a female in her teens in Tampa, United States I got betrayed by my first love… why …  Odd stuff I tell you… Maybe digging a hole in the ground might be better ? Some great advice … Continue reading

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Compliance manager for YPN

Tweet Over at ypn the guys at yahoo have added a new feature called the compliance manager.. This feature helps you pinpoint problems with the implementation of your Yahoo! ads, or problems with content on the same page as your … Continue reading

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The best search engine vs the worst. Public opinions

TweetA bit of fun here.. I just read a programers blog who’d search the “php sucks” etc.. and found how many results had related as a public opinion.. This is just for fun and course is mainly forums.. so here … Continue reading

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Buying links TLA’s @ pubcon

TweetChrisboggs has write up “buying links” session held @ pubcon.. The info about what has been said has been talk about and agreed for while on many forums.. Some points from the main article are if you are going buy … Continue reading

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