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Google hit by duplicate content penalty.

TweetI’ve just notice today that google has been hit by a duplicate content penalty and dropped in rankings… I’m lazy and wanted to log into google webmaster tool so I search on google for “sitemaps” (It used to be sitemaps … Continue reading

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Google sitelinks update.

TweetNoticed this morning that for one site I work on the google sitelinks have updated..  In this update google has picked a really odd page and also has applied text to the new a link to the page and … Continue reading

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The twittering is back..

TweetUp until last week my twittering was running at about a post a month lol.. The bird was almost DEAD! Â BUT Now she’s back.. And fighting FIT! Â Â See widget / badge top right or join me twittering … Continue reading

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The longest title for a seo blog I’ve ever seen. – 358 words

TweetA seo blog called blackhatplant has by the look of it pinged technorati with what I assume a load of seo blog links as I can’t find a link (yet) ….. Anyway the title of this blog is massive…  … Continue reading

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Amazon e-book – Kindle

TweetKindle is a little computer which allows you to download books/blogs/newspaper from amazon at a cost… This could be a big thing and for us seo’s the most interesting thing would be to find out how to get your blog … Continue reading

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“Dictionary” returns non relevant?

TweetI’ve just been playing with good old google suggest to apply the same sort of suggestion box to a site I work on… Anyway i’ve typed a random letter “d” and up came the suggestion “Dictionary”… Clicked it and got … Continue reading

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New adsense ads CTR changes.

TweetOn the 15th November 2007 google change the format of the adsense ads.. Loads of reports hit blogs and forum with people worried about the fact that clicks will go down! What changed? Well basically you can now only click … Continue reading

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UK Doodle4google winner

Tweet So here it is.. Google new hand made logo live on   Pretty cool 🙂  The information on the doodle page hasn’t been updated but i’m sure it will be soon 🙂 Well done to the … Continue reading

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Beer is what you need

TweetYep.. Its that time again.. A load of seo’s in a pub… Tomorrow night is londonseo’s pissup meeting in a great little swedish pub in central.. I going to be about from around 6pm so come and say hello! … … Continue reading

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Yahoo Pricing Discounts launch in the UK

TweetToday yahoo is now in the UK using a similar system to google regarding google’s “smart pricing” … From today, 15th November, advertisers in the UK can benefit from discounted clicks for better quality traffic Cool discounted clicks … One … Continue reading

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