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Top google news search in your lounge

TweetThis is one odd idea… Basically the top google keyword news trends have been prints on to cushions … Why ? hmmm.. don’t know.. fantastic and alarming at the same time! The top 10 google searches of 2006 each cushion … Continue reading

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Summer 2007 UK traffic down a little more lower than normal

TweetEach year the traffic drops in many theme’s and this year is no exception.. Summer 2007 in the uk has had massive effects on traffic levels due to the following: (imho) The rain This is a 50/50 as hot sunny … Continue reading

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Yahoo Launches New Ranking Model in the UK

TweetThe email says it all.. Â Here the first bit New Ranking Model is now live in the UKDear Advertiser,Dear Advertiser,We’re excited to announce that the new ranking model is now live in our UK market. The new ranking model … Continue reading

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searchenginewatch has a new look

TweetSEW has updated its 80’s look to a new shinny looking site..  Its only just happened.. So seeing loads of loading problems but its now live and anything is better than the way its used to look.. Has quite … Continue reading

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Yahoo update

TweetAccording to yahoo blog the update should of finished.. Â I have seen more referrals over the weekend than normal I should go of and check the serps.. Â Anyway .. It was nice of yahoo to update us on … Continue reading

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$41.59 down on goog stock Ouch!

TweetLots of buzz going around after a massive hit to google stock price.. Over $41 down.. hmmm 7.58% drop.. ouch… Some thoughts from a few post in forum and articles suggest this is due to bonus payment, an increase in … Continue reading

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Google’s Anti Arbitrage (A Theory)

TweetOk… This is a theory but seem to make sense… Next month I’m going to reverse the logical and see but first let me explain the theory… I set up a site for my girl friend of which she loves… … Continue reading

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google’s froogle/products is down (the uploader)

TweetToday I went to update my froogle / base whatever you want to call it.. and guess what 🙁 yep its down for maintenance.. Â I only go in once a month or so.. Â SYSTEM ALERT: 6:00 PM: Our … Continue reading

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Aol referrals changed :(

TweetLooking at some stats today I was so happy to see single keywords like “health” or “art” wow… So I go into the logfile with good old notepad to a have look .. Now some of these single keywords are … Continue reading

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Google privacy issues on the news again.

TweetThis morning on the bbc was a feature regarding privacy with google being the first company to be picked on… Â The bbc then took and comment (direct or indirect to the bbc) from Eric Schmidt saying how google only … Continue reading

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