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Image heavy web sites and statistical analysis on CTR

TweetI thought this may interest any website owners and seo’s out and about.. I run a sort of social network of products of which members submit and vote, you know sort of like digg.. On this site you can’t submit … Continue reading

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Have you thought about the “terminally single”?

TweetMy friend just IM me this whilst talking about tomorrow.. Yep is the 14th.. Â I think the day should be banned. It just rubs it in for the terminally single So regarding seo have you covered and bases for … Continue reading

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The A to Z of social sites..

Tweet No this isn’t a guide.. OR a top 10 OR a How to LOL.. This is my A to Z list of Social sites… Â Most you are likely to know but I put a few golden ones hidden … Continue reading

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Webmaster 2008 Hangover cure

TweetAt last… The hangover cure has come about as of yesterday for (some of) us web site owners / seo and webmasters (in general) Yep.. The loss of xmas site traffic is on its way back… Please note this is … Continue reading

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Summer 2007 UK traffic down a little more lower than normal

TweetEach year the traffic drops in many theme’s and this year is no exception.. Summer 2007 in the uk has had massive effects on traffic levels due to the following: (imho) The rain This is a 50/50 as hot sunny … Continue reading

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Been away.. what’s happened ??

TweetWell it seem like another PR update… Â odd… Â I seeing an update on this blog of no deep links up to december ? .. Â This update isn’t imho making sense on the site so i’m not going … Continue reading

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Beer google seo and the internet

TweetJust read this great post started by tedster over at wmw forums 🙂 Â Here a few quote from what he’s writen in regards to missconceptions (and a drinking quote from George Orwell) 1. Page Rank is not Ranking 2. … Continue reading

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TweetJust seen this on a mate PC..  Got him to take this screen shot.. Funny imho …  Its so bad for user experience imho.. I clicked on the add to see what ask was going to off me … Continue reading

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Top search for 2006 from yahoo..

TweetSpotted over at DP  This is one cool site .. Go britney 😉  My next 5hrs will be wasn’t on this site 😉 Â

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