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USA amazon Associates hit with a ban on PPC

Tweet Seem not to of hit the UK in anyway that I can find as yet and nothing new on the amazon Associates blog in the uk which is good for us but not the folks out in the USA… … Continue reading

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The end of adsense Referrals

Tweetgoogle are ending adsense Referrals 🙁 I did ok with them but hey good things can come to a end.. Thank you for participating in the AdSense Referrals program. We’re writing to let you know that we will be retiring … Continue reading

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TweetOn the uk homepage of google today we have a funky logo from the artist Jeff koons promoting the igoogle theme homepage on the uk public. Who is jeff Koons? American artist Jeff Koons burst onto the international art scene … Continue reading

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Google will give $10 per photo!

TweetNice idea.. Â Take a piccy of a store and sent it to google.. pretty cool.! You can earn up to $10 for each approved, verified referral you submit. This includes $2 when a business referral is approved by Google; … Continue reading

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Word from the US, ebay returns to adwords

TweetLast week we had a massive buzz about ebay pulling its ads from google adwords.. Well it would seem that the ads are back on.. Of course not all webmaster/marketers are happy with them being back as the number of … Continue reading

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UK yahoo panama … Almost ready?..

TweetMeeting at yahoo London… Â The new awaited PPC engine from yahoo (know as panama) is almost ready to launch in the uk.. The US launch back in Feb went really well but as you know us in the UK … Continue reading

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Yahoo uk only is Broken!

Tweet For us poor guys in the UK yahoo uk only results are broken..  Of course the ads show .. 🙁  Not good

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Checkout the uk! At last!!

TweetCool its great news.. (a week old I know, still catching up on mi blogging here)  I’m working on a site that going to use google check so I’ll be blogging some feedback… I still spend a hour or … Continue reading

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Lock ness monster on googles home page!

TweetIts true… !!!! Its real…. !!! Google show us proof and allows you to put this on the header of your “Personalised Home”   See it first here!   More about it from here

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Google themes are here.. And its snowing in london..

TweetYet another .com google new fun thingy that us in the UK CAN’T HAVE 🙁 Â hmmmmmm…. Anyway its very cool imho .. I’m sure I’m not going to use it other than for this screen shot but hey.. Why … Continue reading

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