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msn local at the top of the serps!

TweetMsn is now display local results and companies and telephone numbers in the UK… Heres a screen shot:

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This was

TweetI’ve missed this omg.. anyway looked like the below on Tuesday 23rd January 2007 !   Full story Â

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Yahoo update!

TweetSo its here.. The yahoo update.. Â Yahoo has dated it January 19, 2007 but blog post and forum post have been spotted well before that..! Â Some good for me some bad.. Manily a massive delay on ranking @ … Continue reading

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wikipedia now orange links!

TweetBright bright orange!!! btw orange=nofollow links on the FF when you use search status extentions..  Months and month ago wiki got ride of every external links in niche’s I work in 🙁 So this doesn’t directly effect me..  … Continue reading

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Been away.. what’s happened ??

TweetWell it seem like another PR update… Â odd… Â I seeing an update on this blog of no deep links up to december ? .. Â This update isn’t imho making sense on the site so i’m not going … Continue reading

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Data refresh @ 1-2days from 3-4 weeks!

TweetA lot my movement on serps and this is why!  I’ve mentioned this before, but one of our data pushes that used to happen every 3-4 weeks is now happening more like every 1-2 days. Regular searchers won’t really … Continue reading

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The Web is going to look a lot different very soon!!!!

Tweet  google have just update the tos … You must not match other ads to the google styled ads… Wooo This is going to change everything.. No blending if you have any ads on your site basically.. All the … Continue reading

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Looks like the end of the PR update !

TweetLots of people having PR0 on the homepage after this update but hey that happens.. The site that went to pr0 sitewide like myspace and 1 of my clients returned and updated which was a great update in the end … Continue reading

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