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Google pushes google experimental to the UK

TweetHere in the UK google has added a link below the bottom search box saying Try Google Experimental linking into the labs page.. I can only assume google is seeing what people like when using the experimental search layout and … Continue reading

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New bbc homepage killed My IE and FF

TweetI’ve been IM’d by a load of people about the new bbc homepage.. Bascially the bbc have just put live the new code but all hasn’t gone to plan.. Â This is what a load of people have being seeing.. … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays…

Tweet  Happy holidays from me to all … Today google put and funky new logo live on the homepage:   If you look here: It would seem we are going to have a few more logos … Continue reading

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BBC goes all web 2.0

Tweet Functionally is a cool new home page but the font is a little to big…  I know web 2.0 is all massive fonts etc but come on.. BTW I’m not the only one that said that..   … Continue reading

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Live doesn’t bold everything serps do not highlight anything under 2 characters.. It seem like a lazzy way of doing things ? Here some screen shots for the terms “ca” and “cat” Now you may say CA isn’t a word but live also … Continue reading

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Adsense Reports in a mess again..

TweetSpotted this morning when I logged in and I still messed up.. Â Basically google is showing the list randomly.. or in some wired order compared with the normal highest earning channel at the top.. Screen shot: Â Wrong order! … Continue reading

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no more “advertiser sign up” links

TweetGood news I think.. I’ve only every clicked on 1 once in my life and really didn’t feel it helped the user. This also decreases the links on the page by 1 🙂 Â Call it time management, call it … Continue reading

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M$ buys multimap

Tweet  Interesting … Mircosoft are going to keep expanding the “maps” side of the business.. Quote from the bbc: Huge opportunity’ Microsoft’s internet empire also includes services such as Virtual Earth, Live Search and Windows Live. Earlier this year … Continue reading

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The new world… (for me)

TweetI can’t say to much (yet) but hope to write about a new project and hope it wil help some folk that may come accross a similar change.. Basically and massive u-turn for a site I work with from selling … Continue reading

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SearchMarketing Standard – Winter 2007

TweetI’ve been waiting to get my hands on the latest copy of sms… However it hasn’t arrived but I need to post about the offer regarding the discount subscription.. Its really simple.. The Magic coupon will provide you with a … Continue reading

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