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Is PR about to update?

TweetThe buzz on the forum is a bit crazy again about if the pr is about to update.. Over on DP in the google forumÂ 8 posts on the first page are asking when will it happen with most … Continue reading

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Ma$$ive profits for Mircosoft but no to fix link: command?

Tweet  Record sales of vista have created record profit for M$ The world’s largest software maker said net profit in the three months to 31 March was $4.93bn (£2.47bn) or 50 cents per share, up from $2.98bn last year. … Continue reading

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To little to late.

TweetToday was a day I’d been waiting for (but forgot about).. I really had it in the back of my mind… Didn’t know the date until today when almost every national news paper in the UK covered the story.. What … Continue reading

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goroolge TV

TweetGore launches ‘yoof’ TV, with a little help from Google… What ? The user-generated programming will feature three to eight-minute short documentaries, known as pods, and half-hourly “news” bulletins describing the UK’s most popular Google search terms.  Current TV … Continue reading

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Cache and results seo tool.

TweetSerparchive is a cool new tool I just read about on DD blog.. here The tool allows you to archive results return for a query over time and caching date.. The demo below show some interesting cache for high pr … Continue reading

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asp 301 seo redirect upper / lower case

TweetI posting on forums and blog how seo = 301 … So last few day i’ve spotted some dup content issues which i’ve been fixing with a new 301 script that check the case of a query making sure that … Continue reading

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Wired… very wired scary adsense..

TweetI just logged into my GF’s adsense account to see how she is doing today.. I looked at yesterday and today and though my eyes or browser cache is playing tricks on me… Â The amount were the same… ahhhh … Continue reading

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Deskload.. A desktop on the web ?

TweetBit of fun imho.. Â Bookmarking like its your desktop but you know what… Its just a web to ap.. Kind of cool Â

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Yahoo earth day ..

TweetFunky new logo for today on yahoo as its earth day 2007 ! Â Click here to see the cool animation .. Â Â

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Gmail New features are here!

TweetSo whats new.. Â Here the list. Get mail from other accounts It is a Google Mail party and everyone is invited! Get Google Mail on your mobile phone RSS feeds in Google Mail Google Mail for mobile devices Use … Continue reading

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