To little to late.

Today was a day I’d been waiting for (but forgot about)..

I really had it in the back of my mind… Didn’t know the date until today when almost every national news paper in the UK covered the story..

What is it.. Well Can’t tell you that yet as it making a PPC killing Not 1 person is bidding on this k/w so I’m getting at the bargain price of 2p per click / $0.04 …


So here is story.. About 2 months ago my girl friend found a item in a mag that she liked and but it up on her site.. After a few days the page was indexed it ranked just under the actual item site #2 or #3 on google..

Traffic was pretty steady until about a month ago when its went up by 5 times in one day and stuck at that level.. But at the same time along came the competition..

Now the page is around #11 top of page 2 and returning still a fare amount of traffic as its top 5 in yahoo ..

A month ago the traffic increased on this term again so I added it to a social bookmarking site… That site now ranks in the top 5 and returns ok amount of traffic..

The comp is now the likes of ebay gumtree.. And soon evey news paper under the sun… I posted in a few forums and other blogs to help that site today but is it too little.. Just how long does and news story last in the minds google/yahoo searchers..

So due to the comp being old and bigger than me I had the idea to bid on the k/w after noticing no one else had touch it today.. And I’m hitting almost 20% CRT a nice yellow background .. 100% targetted ad txt as its only for the 1 “keyword” and no other ads…

Fingers crossed this one lasts ..


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