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Yahoo search suggest – UK launch today!

TweetJust got a email from the nice guys at yahoo letting know about todays launch of yahoo suggest… Quote from the email: Search Suggest is not a new feature for the industry, but it’s new for Yahoo! UK, rolling out … Continue reading

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google referrals problems

TweetGoogle blogged yesterday about problems with the referral 2.0 ads.. The topic was labelled “refferals reluctant to appear” and not we have some probs lol.. Anyway here the blog post and 5 reason why the ads might not show..  … Continue reading

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pda blogging.. – the mobile web!

TweetMy first blog from my pda. I’m one of those sad gits on the trian going to london. Â So get to the point ! Â Well now with a pda i’m able to see sites mad for phones. Just … Continue reading

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Google earth now google earth and sky

TweetJust on the bbc news this morning is the launch of google sky.. Part of google earth application you can look to the heavans around millions of stars, planets and more… Â Google is unveiling within Google Earth today a … Continue reading

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Google Caching in minutes again…

Tweet I blog before about google getting fast here: when it was showing the same date but now is minutes / hrs Site search for the bbc returns : Here is a screen shot:  Seen before at … Continue reading

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Facebook is racist?

TweetI’ve been meaning to blog this for 2 weeks but kept letting it slip but hey here we are… So why could facebook be a racist… At the start of August 2007 a load of massive advertisers in the UK … Continue reading

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Google product Referrals are in Bad order!

TweetOk… I’m not to mad so far on playing with the google referrals 2.0 “as yet”.. Two things really bugs me! One odd theme of ads coming up for my “keyword” like domain names ? RANT HERE: Two is … Continue reading

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I’ve created a adsense monster!

TweetI just got this IM from my GF… baby how is it possible 8 clicks and just US$0.04 🙁 🙁 Now I have “sort of” explained PR to her too but thank god haven’t show her DP and all the … Continue reading

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Youtube going to have a missing children channel! -DontYouForgetAboutMe

Tweet2pm GMT Youtube will be launching a channel offering video’s with music of missing children.. The bbc says its going to be heavily moderated.. I’ll update this post once the bbc put some info on the news site.. ADDED: Its … Continue reading

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