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Google’s xmas starts on the 21st..

TweetHome page update..  Its now xmas @ google   More here:

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The end of images next to google adsense!!!

TweetSo here it is.. Â Ad and image placement: a policy clarification We’ve recently received a number of emails from publishers asking how we feel about the placement of images near Google ad units. There’s been some confusion on this … Continue reading

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Went to google today :)

TweetI got invited last week to attend a meeting regarding the usability of google base. So today I popped down to google’s London office to have a look around and “Attempt” to discuss my problems with base and froogle alike.. … Continue reading

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google recommends google add url

TweetI just set my girl friend a site to have a play with.. Hopefully she’ll make so much money I’ll never have to work again 😉 Â Anyway the point of the post (back on topic boy) So I got … Continue reading

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UI update on adsense .. Pretty colours

TweetNote the “u” in colours lol.. The new single page layout dosen’t make any differnce to me… But hey might help someone ? The colours are pretty 😉 The visual representation is very good bar not really needed for anyone … Continue reading

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Online banking fraud ‘up 8,000%’

TweetFull report over @ beeb but is google msn etc.. Going to do anything about it ? Most fraud is via phishing email so google/msn can’t do anything about that but serp warning and toolbar would be great 😀 Â … Continue reading

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Plan your Christmas shopping trip with Google Maps.

TweetGoogle home page update.. Google has add a linky to google maps.. Plan your Christmas shopping trip with Google Maps.  Screen shot Great to see the word “Christmas” and not seasons greeting etc.. 😀 Â

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TweetJust seen this on a mate PC..  Got him to take this screen shot.. Funny imho …  Its so bad for user experience imho.. I clicked on the add to see what ask was going to off me … Continue reading

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Radio adwords..

Tweet I’m looking forward to some feed back on this but i’m pretty sure its not going to be very applicable for me and my sites again 🙁  Bringing radio advertising to Google advertisers: an update There’s been a … Continue reading

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New Sitemaps Protocol May Hurt Your Listings in Yahoo! Tim Says no!

TweetQuite a few comments in forums regarding the drop in indexing/ranking when adding the site maps protocol.. This used to be a google sitemaps topic and now has moved to yahoo, however tim (assuming Tim Mayer)Â has commented on SERT … Continue reading

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