Monthly Archives: March 2007 Auto filling the search box “The Apprentice BBC”

TweetNever seen msn auto filling the search box but i’m seeing it now!  The search is for the “The Apprentice BBC” which starts tonight .. The search term is bad imho..  Anyway here is a screen … Continue reading

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Your PC got the BLUES ?

TweetNop..  Mine seems fine..  But google isn’t sure..  Never new this :    Google Pack includes a special edition of Norton Security Scan to help you evaluate your computer’s vulnerability to security risks. … Continue reading

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MSN (live) link command return a blank page!

TweetThe link command on msn is like one of the best things EVER lol.. Its a big big help for use looking at others backlinks.. So today I was have a look and found nothing but a blank page.. I’m … Continue reading

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Lock ness monster on googles home page!

TweetIts true… !!!! Its real…. !!! Google show us proof and allows you to put this on the header of your “Personalised Home”   See it first here!   More about it from here

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Google check refferal button added..

Tweet  Pointed out at seroundtable.. The new refferal button for google checkout has now been added..! You not going to make much from this @ $1 a pop hmm.. If your from the UK then forget it for now.. … Continue reading

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Pay per action is here!

TweetGoogle is now letting advertisers sign up for “pay per action” ..  Basically a affiliate network… Looking forward to this…. (waited all day to have 2mins to post this ahhh)  All the info here.. So give it a … Continue reading

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Google themes are here.. And its snowing in london..

TweetYet another .com google new fun thingy that us in the UK CAN’T HAVE 🙁 Â hmmmmmm…. Anyway its very cool imho .. I’m sure I’m not going to use it other than for this screen shot but hey.. Why … Continue reading

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Starbucks costs me 29,250 visitors a YEAR!

Tweet  Afer reading this Cartoonbarry post here about the FREE coffee at starbucks today I was AGAIN upset by the fact that it was only in the USA..  Hmmm So I thought i’d did my Oar… Due to … Continue reading

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New google logo on adsense

TweetGoogle is testing out new logo on the adsense blocks.. Â I’m sure you will of read about this on loads of blogs but I don’t tend to post UNTIL I see it with my own eyes.. So here my … Continue reading

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Google shopping icon 1st i’ve seen in the UK

TweetI’ve seen many a screen shot from people in the US but now this is the first time in the uk Adsense icon’s for the UK 🙂 Â Â Sadly I can’t see the site in question as number url … Continue reading

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