Starbucks costs me 29,250 visitors a YEAR!


 Afer reading this Cartoonbarry post here about the FREE coffee at starbucks today I was AGAIN upset by the fact that it was only in the USA..


Hmmm So I thought i’d did my Oar…

Due to buying coffee @ starbucks over the last year I have lost out on 29,250 visitor via PPC..

Surely i’m due 1 free cup!!!


So to clear up why its cost me that amount here goes..

 £4.50 a day in coffee… ($8.67 )
£4.50 x 5 = £22.50 (typical week)

£22.50 x 52 (weeks in a year 😉 )

Total per year :£1,170

On Avg I pay 4p per visitor on Adwords..

1,170 / 0.04 = 29,250


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