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google error’s again..

TweetStill going on in the uk … Gmail is slow searching can be slow to.. Â And it not just me.. I’ve just tried to login to adsense and get: Error We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable … Continue reading

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Happy 9th Birthday google!

Tweet  So this year google is 9 years old and today is the day …. Some speculation on what day google was born but here whenever is cool with me.. The only problem I have is I was “playing” … Continue reading

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Google Directory PR movement

TweetOdd page rank update on google’s dmoz directory import after the import of august 20th 2007… One thing that made me notice was the jump in the number of sites with the green bar removed. One of my sites (my … Continue reading

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AdWords VAT Setting Changed – Potential Refund

Tweetw00t.. I read the title of the email and thought bingo.. 🙂 But… I’m not sure… Being self employed in the uk are arn’t really a business as such and do not not a company ID or VAT number to … Continue reading

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grrr – amazon returns

TweetYou have good days, then bad days… But returns I hate … Someone buys something and sends it back a month later.. hmmm.. So the other day I had a negative amount in my amazon affiliates account 🙁 Here the … Continue reading

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Google share stuff..

TweetGoogle gone social… Here my stuff shared… LOL Â Here is barry’s… Â Wait and see what going to happen with this! Â Spammers already hitting google share with affiliate links:

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Google Custom Search update: Business Edition

Tweet Just got a email about google updates to the custom search.. The Business Edition turns off ads and allows you to access search results through an XML API. This means that you can create your own user interface for … Continue reading

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Gmail broken

Tweet Hmmm.. No email for me today.. Temporary Error (502)    We’re sorry, but your Google Mail account is currently experiencing errors. You won’t be able to log in while these errors last, but don’t worry, your account … Continue reading

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buzz monitor

Tweet  Sort of like google alerts but your own open source from no other than the world bank..  Seem quite interesting… Worth a look imho.. Try the demo Username: me Password: buzzmonitor  Download info here: … Continue reading

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adsense login gone ?

TweetEvery day I login to my gmail and my adsense to have a looky at how the sites are doing and of course to check one load of my emails… Almost every day I get the warning about a image … Continue reading

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