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SMS fall 2007

TweetI got the latest copy of SMS fall 2007 and once a again enjoyed the read.. Its was a great read regarding the internation side of search as i’m in the uk and “play” with a few european search engines.. … Continue reading

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Google offering $30 mil to land on the moon – a cheese moon?

TweetAs we all know the moon is made of cheese.. Even google knows … See a close up on google moon : So can’t you just land a camera on some cheese ? Â Read more about how to … Continue reading

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Roald Dahl birthday and google.

Tweet  Very cool.. Google homepage logo today features item from Roald Dahl books.. I was a big fan when I was a kid… (still am) … Loads of info on Roald Dahl with the link direct form google’s homepage … Continue reading

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Bored of reading adwords help document then why not chat to someone..

TweetIts been a long day.. You log into your adwords account.. Your feeling a little alone in the would… NOW google has a answer… Yep “Ask a Specialist via Chat ” I’m not sure how “helpful” the specialist is at … Continue reading

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Forums: More adsense $ and More sign ups!

TweetMaking a good $ from adsense on forums isn’t to easy… I’ve tested and tested placements colours and sizes.. The main problem is always not to put off your users by having advertising… I read this blog from google … Continue reading

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Google got problems this morning in the uk

TweetSome massive speed issues with good in the uk.. Its only 8am GMT so most people still in bed but trying to login into to google is taking about 30 seconds.. Gmail, adsense and even just doing a search is … Continue reading

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Matt Cutts on directories..

TweetMatt has posted over on DP about directories and what value there may have: Â “Q: Hey, as long as we’re talking about directories, can you talk about the role of directories, some of whom charge for a reviewer to … Continue reading

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Google adds search to google reader.

TweetAt last you can search you feeds… So if you want to keep up with the chatter about the new iPods or Superbad, now you can. We’ve added a familiar search box to the top of Google Reader so you … Continue reading

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SU outage :(

TweetStumble upon not working this morning.. Hope it comes back soon… I’ve just launched a new site on monday and SU is ranking #1 for the domain which is 2 words joined together.. Come on SU get back online 🙂 … Continue reading

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