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Missing Unique Product Identifiers Effects on google shopping

TweetI love being an seo and I do love how different all my clients are… One client hasn’t yet given me the go ahead to fix the Missing Unique Product Identifiers for the google merchant feed after months of suggesting … Continue reading

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‘Crash Course’ in local SEO

TweetSorry about the pun.. Anyway I was doing to catching up on the php template engine called Smarty just and clicked on the “crash course” link as it does what it say on the tin.. The thing is I’m so … Continue reading

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no results with quotes.. google now shows without quotes.

TweetI’ve just checked out a post on SER forum to see if it was a copy a paste job .. you know the sort when someone pastes the same thing about a subject on a load of forums. Anyway.. The … Continue reading

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Forums: More adsense $ and More sign ups!

TweetMaking a good $ from adsense on forums isn’t to easy… I’ve tested and tested placements colours and sizes.. The main problem is always not to put off your users by having advertising… I read this blog from google … Continue reading

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Nude blogging.. google no longer telling me to share !

TweetYesterday it seems google has remove is “tip” box above the serps for the keyword blog.. Basically by typing in ANYTHING like “nude blogging“ would trigger google to display a tip with the blogger logo and the text says “Tip: … Continue reading

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