Missing Unique Product Identifiers Effects on google shopping

I love being an seo and I do love how different all my clients are…

One client hasn’t yet given me the go ahead to fix the Missing Unique Product Identifiers for the google merchant feed after months of suggesting it.

Now what’s good about this (not for the client) is I can see the difference and effect of the Missing Unique Product Identifiers on traffic from google shopping.

Below is the graph which is showing a drop in half the referrals from google shopping.

The number of items hasn’t changed nor anything else so what has changed is that the competitors have added Missing Unique Product Identifiers to all/most items which now out rank this account.

We will be gradually enforcing this policy over the next few weeks, with full enforcement in effect on June 20th. During this time, products that do not have correct unique identifiers may not appear in our product listings. If you have products that do not have correct unique identifiers, we recommend that you make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

Please note that in the weeks after June 20th, we will begin disapproving the feeds of merchants who have a significant percentage of items that do not include the correct unique identifiers.

From http://googlemerchantblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/enforcement-of-our-unique-identifier_03.html

And here is the effect:

Note the Error type and that Missing Unique Product Identifiers is at 90% so will this feed be disapproved?

I’ve spent many hours since the announcement in May working with many clients feeds to fix this issue and all other have been affected positively.

Best of luck to those who aren’t updating 😉

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  • Well I’m glad Artfire.com added that information to the listing page, although I am not sure I am filling it correctly, since I sell vintage mostly and discontinued patterns and fabric. Sometimes my items have product identifiers and sometimes not, so  maybe Google shopping won’t list all my items. Any remedy for this?

    • Anonymous

      It depends, most Artfire stuff is handmade as you don’t need it.. 

      If you login to your merchant account it will tell you the % that need them. You may need to rename items to get around it and if you get hit you can submit a exception form for consideration. 

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  • Felipeuploading

    How do you get this number to go down? Where exactly google base finds it that the product is missing the identifier, I don’t get it! I’m about to lose my job if I don’t get these numbers fixed…

    • Anonymous

      you have to add the barcode OR manufactures part number to the feed. 

      • Felipeuploading

        do you recommend finding the missing ones on my feed instead of just finding them on my current inventory? I use network solutions if this helps…

        • Anonymous

          If it was me I’d target the feed first then setup a workflow to add it to all products. This is what I’ve been doing with clients. 

          • Felipeuploading

            sweet, i will give it  a shot. Thanks for  your advice.

  • Akter Mituakter Mitu2

    This google  shopping article is so good article.If you login to your distributor statement it faculty recount you the % that beggary them. You may demand to rename items to get around it and if you get hit you can submit a omission represent for considerateness. 

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  • Akter Mituakter Mitu2

    I know what you mean pjpubs,  I have been uploading my handmade/custom
    made apparel items for over a year and never had this problem before. I
    hope the issue is fixed soon or I hear from Google re the follow up
    email sent yesterday because the impressions dropped to zero since this
    error started.  I also noticed that in my dashboard that it showed my
    items expired for one day in April but according to the data feeds page
    the feed was not to expire until May 3.  Now the dashboard doesn’t show
    the expired day.  Don’t know what is going on with that but I also
    noticed that my items, except for one, is not showing up when searched
    under my main keyword but all items are displaying when I click “images”
    to search in.


  • Vinati

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  • lblotusbong288

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  • david hussy03

    We will be gradually enforcing this policy over the close few weeks, with glutted enforcement in symptom on June 20th. During this reading, products that do not individual straight unparalleled identifiers may not materialize in our creation listings. If you fuck products that do not hump rectify incomparable identifiers, we advise that you tidy the obligatory changes as soon as getable.

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