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The matt cutts patent! Removing documents!

TweetThis is a patent by matt, a patent either being used or to be used soon… As most people know matt is the spam killer thus the patent is about remove doc’s.. Google want’s to index the world and beyond … Continue reading

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Adwords Quality score? real quality!

TweetI’ve posted about this in the forums and of course heard of many other webmasters having a few probs.. So what’s the “score” .. Â Well on one site I have been targetting a highly searched word due to it … Continue reading

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Why use gmail ?

TweetWell it cuts the legs off spam.. hmmm chop chop!

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People love PR.. So here a list of dmoz listed sites PR

TweetThe title of the post says it all.. Anyway.. some guy/girl has posted on DP the stats of all the listed site in dmoz as of 2 month ago and ran a report to return the PR.. So this is … Continue reading

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Viagra for valentines day?

Tweet  Today is “Valentines day” and as to the post below google has updated their logo… If you click on it, your be taken to a search “valentine’s day” but if you clicky on the image tab on … Continue reading

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What’s happened to google ? Renamed googe for a day ;)

TweetFunny thread over on DP about the google’s valentine day logo.. It would seem the “l” is missing… hehehehe  More info here:

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Show your face to google!

Tweet  Are you a looker ? google want’s to see your smile.. Its an odd request but hey… why not.. If you want to share your photo, visit this page for all the details. Along with your photo, we … Continue reading

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People are scared about click bombing

TweetTo scared… I just read this thread about a webmaster worried to hell 12% CTR.. People are trying to tell the site owner that 12% is nothing.. I so agree .. I’ve seen 300+% in some channel .. Some people … Continue reading

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New Ads by google graphic on adsense.

TweetThis one is new for me.. Â Haven’t seen this black number before.. Seen loads and loads of the “G” in a little square.. Anyway heres a screen shot:

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google map link hijacking

TweetA thread over on DP is discussing how someone’s client has had a competitor register on their map url.. The listing shows as unverified, but I imagine that could stay that way for months. You might want to check your … Continue reading

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