People love PR.. So here a list of dmoz listed sites PR

The title of the post says it all..

Anyway.. some guy/girl has posted on DP the stats of all the listed site in dmoz as of 2 month ago and ran a report to return the PR..

So this is intersting because the site listed in dmoz are of course manually checked and must be “good” lol..

PRÂ Â number of sitesÂ

0Â Â Â Â 59581
1Â Â Â Â 64297
2Â Â Â Â 196614
3Â Â Â Â 436085
4Â Â Â Â 463071
5Â Â Â Â 227345
6Â Â Â Â 76438
7Â Â Â Â 16916
8Â Â Â Â 2871
9Â Â Â Â 259
10Â Â Â 26


pretty cool info

comments etc.. here:

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