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Amazon Associates ECS Shutdown Announcement

TweetTime to start rewriting loads and loads of php… Amazon are ending the ECS which was a great way to import items from amazon to affillate site.. Basically you now need to use the new formatting which has been around … Continue reading

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How to break bigsnapsearch!

TweetLive new search engine with prizes is called bigsnapsearch… Basically each search you make you get 2 cards.. If the card match then you win.. BTW if the card value match you don’t win the cards have to be identical.. … Continue reading

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No conversations in the Bin?

TweetJust seen the Bin link on my GMail account.. I’ve never clicked on it before as I don’t really delete anything.. So google seems to of forgotten the fact that gmail is no longer 2gb … The bin still has … Continue reading

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Have you thought about the “terminally single”?

TweetMy friend just IM me this whilst talking about tomorrow.. Yep is the 14th.. Â I think the day should be banned. It just rubs it in for the terminally single So regarding seo have you covered and bases for … Continue reading

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TweetRead about this on the card yesterday and now i’ve just got the email as follow: Thank you for your continued business and support during 2007/8. As a valued and important partner to us we would like to be the … Continue reading

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Watch what you say?

TweetI’ve just been looking at some of my referrals from yesterday.. I came accross pipl.. I’ve seen it before and the data it has on me and my friends if pretty amazing.. Its tagged me/friends with some of the keywords … Continue reading

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TweetFor the last few weeks i’m seeing Google’s SketchUP in loads of the serps.. Â You can type a brand or even a place and find Sketchup in the serps.. So.. What use does it have in SEO.. Well having … Continue reading

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Adsense earning down ?

TweetWell.. It would seem that a load of peeps are reporting less earning so far this year.. I’m happily seeing a increase as traffic returns after xmas 😀 But not just the traffic i’m 100%Â seeing a increase in … Continue reading

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