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bigsnapsearch mentioned on virgin radio all day!

TweetNow I don’t listen much to the radio but in the morning whilst having a show it good to have a few tunes in the background and hear the latest news and what issues London is having with the transport … Continue reading

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How to break bigsnapsearch!

TweetLive new search engine with prizes is called bigsnapsearch… Basically each search you make you get 2 cards.. If the card match then you win.. BTW if the card value match you don’t win the cards have to be identical.. … Continue reading

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Live doesn’t bold everything serps do not highlight anything under 2 characters.. It seem like a lazzy way of doing things ? Here some screen shots for the terms “ca” and “cat” Now you may say CA isn’t a word but live also … Continue reading

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M$ buys multimap

Tweet  Interesting … Mircosoft are going to keep expanding the “maps” side of the business.. Quote from the bbc: Huge opportunity’ Microsoft’s internet empire also includes services such as Virtual Earth, Live Search and Windows Live. Earlier this year … Continue reading

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Link hunting via live returns after 8 months..

TweetI’m so happy! live search now return links to a page !!! w0000t  😀 Why I am happy, well live/msn has been key for me in the past for when I go hunting.. What makes msn different is that … Continue reading

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Ma$$ive profits for Mircosoft but no to fix link: command?

Tweet  Record sales of vista have created record profit for M$ The world’s largest software maker said net profit in the three months to 31 March was $4.93bn (£2.47bn) or 50 cents per share, up from $2.98bn last year. … Continue reading

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asp 301 seo redirect upper / lower case

TweetI posting on forums and blog how seo = 301 … So last few day i’ve spotted some dup content issues which i’ve been fixing with a new 301 script that check the case of a query making sure that … Continue reading

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TweetNever seen msn auto filling the search box but i’m seeing it now!  The search is for the “The Apprentice BBC” which starts tonight .. The search term is bad imho..  Anyway here is a screen … Continue reading

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MSN (live) link command return a blank page!

TweetThe link command on msn is like one of the best things EVER lol.. Its a big big help for use looking at others backlinks.. So today I was have a look and found nothing but a blank page.. I’m … Continue reading

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msn local at the top of the serps!

TweetMsn is now display local results and companies and telephone numbers in the UK… Heres a screen shot:

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