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wiki gone.. gwiki wikigoo googwik ?

Tweet  JotSpot has just been bought by big G .. Wiki service is going to be free and integrated with the rest of Google’s suite of web-based applications. omg…  What next.. hmm  More from google here:Â

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Google gives you some $$$

TweetAbout $75 per hour.. not to bad..  Here is some useful info from the faq before you clicky on the link.. Does it involve having electrodes attached to my body? No. Sorry.  And Do I get paid? Yes … Continue reading

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Google’s NEW office.. Looks like “down town”

Tweet Have google moved lately ? I heard about the move in New york and this or was it last year google moved down near to victoria from the edge of soho.. Well someone 😉 just sent me this.. The … Continue reading

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Another $1million home page idea

TweetI like this…. Â Its seems to of been about for a while.. But hey I haven’t spent enough time over on digitalpoint of late.. Anyway here is a bit of linkage for you Â The guy basically wants … Continue reading

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Webmaster guidelines updated! Now google allow id=

Tweethmmm.. Seem an odd annoucement to me.. hmmm I’ve seen session id’s in the serps for yrs.. I’ve also say as far away from them as possiable due to massive issues with duplicate content.. Once upon a time.. I had … Continue reading

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Do you Google? Have you googled it yet ?

Tweetgoogle ask us not to say “googled” .. I remember who Eric schmidt was speaking at a ses and was asked if he “google anything” Q: Do you ever say you Google anything? A: Cant say for legal reasons. Full … Continue reading

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youtube “moronic” ?

TweetAn intersting article over at the the register about google buying youtube being moronic! Â He’s some interesting quotes that court my attention. Â Still, champagne glasses were clinking last night in one corner of an incestuous Silicon Valley company. … Continue reading

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kol personal search engine from ian :D

Tweet If you like kol.. here you go!    This is designed so far by ian of  Try the kol search engine here

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Build your own search engine with google !

Tweetcoop .. Should be called sediy 😀 So google has now upgraded coop so you can change rankings in site for k/ws and offer it to your users..  Example here  realclimate  More info @ google blog: … Continue reading

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Google bot stats from webmaster tools

TweetGbot activity.. This is very cool.. I have 3 sites with ye-oldie google sitemaps and its really good to see the difference.. Anyway this is what google said: Check out these cool charts! We show you the number of pages … Continue reading

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