Another $1million home page idea

I like this….

 Its seems to of been about for a while.. But hey I haven’t spent enough time over on digitalpoint of late..

Anyway here is a bit of linkage for you

 The guy basically wants people to add links to the home and bid for them.. the minium bid is $20.01 right now..

This is how it work

 The link experiment started on May 15th, 2006 with links for sale at a starting bid of $.01 per link. The idea is simple. The homepage will hold 100 links which anybody can buy. Links are ordered by price from highest to lowest. For every new bid, all links below it are moved down one spot and the last link gets pushed off the homepage.


And this is what its for (bit like last time.. )

I created the page with 2 small goals in mind. 1) To support my running career in an attempt to make it to the Olympic Games for long distance running. 2) To make $1 Million Dollars

hmmmm nice idea.. but the olymic games runner who is already 23 ? .. Anyway good luck..!

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