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Google hit by duplicate content penalty.

TweetI’ve just notice today that google has been hit by a duplicate content penalty and dropped in rankings… I’m lazy and wanted to log into google webmaster tool so I search on google for “sitemaps” (It used to be sitemaps … Continue reading

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Google getting fast, real fast!

Tweet I spotted this morning that a loads of top sites are returning today date as a cache date below the snippet.. If you search for the “bbc” your be able to see the following:   Its 15:58 here … Continue reading

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Been away.. what’s happened ??

TweetWell it seem like another PR update… Â odd… Â I seeing an update on this blog of no deep links up to december ? .. Â This update isn’t imho making sense on the site so i’m not going … Continue reading

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Beer google seo and the internet

TweetJust read this great post started by tedster over at wmw forums 🙂 Â Here a few quote from what he’s writen in regards to missconceptions (and a drinking quote from George Orwell) 1. Page Rank is not Ranking 2. … Continue reading

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TweetThis quote is taken from SERT and a great write up by barry from pubcon on yesterday 😀 Aaron Shear from is next up, he did not have a presentation, but took the podium. He explains that highly trafficked … Continue reading

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Google bot stats from webmaster tools

TweetGbot activity.. This is very cool.. I have 3 sites with ye-oldie google sitemaps and its really good to see the difference.. Anyway this is what google said: Check out these cool charts! We show you the number of pages … Continue reading

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Great info on how to verify Googlebot

TweetGreat post from Mattcuts about checking for google bot.. Quote from googles webmaster blog :  Telling webmasters to use DNS to verify on a case-by-case basis seems like the best way to go. I think the recommended technique would … Continue reading

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