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This quote is taken from SERT and a great write up by barryร‚ from pubcon on yesterday ๐Ÿ˜€

Aaron Shear from is next up, he did not have a presentation, but took the podium. He explains that highly trafficked sites that use load balancing can often run into problems with bad URL structures, with numerous URL “nodes.” He said if your site performs very slowly, it normally wont do well in Google. He said focusing on the long tail is very difficult to make sure all those pages are fully indexed. If you have to click 30 clicks deep to get to a product, it is not good user experience, and Google will see that. He said, consider inserting multiple navigational paths to get to the same product or landing page. A good approach is to sell the optimization as a giant needle mover for the company, but make sure the engineers get credit for it, will make them work harder, quicker and more for your department.


The depth is a very good point and i’m often playing around with nav’s doing tests and I really agrree .. google see the depth as a score!.

ร‚ Cheers barry keep them coming ๐Ÿ˜€

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