ummm.. About.. Well seohome is a blog I thought I’d start ..

So what about me ?

Well I started playing with seo in 1996 when I built my first site and the client wanted it to be listed on altavista..

I then continued building sites and playing with on site factors for optimising sites whilst at uni..

After uni I worked for a few companies, freelanced along with a full time seo/flash designer/action program/asp develop/photoshop retoucher/etc…

The left the job and moved to the big smoke (London), within days I got new contracts in cosmetics lol.. and continued to expand my client base..

Now I live in St albans and commute daily to London (best of both worlds) have an office in St Albans.

Bored yet.. yep me to..


Email  gabs[at]seohome.co.uk