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google shopping geo out on mobiles

TweetSo last night I was surfing around on the Iphone looking for a new SLR digi camera. I went to google shopping (base) to have a looky… So what was wrong? I was on and the prices all came … Continue reading

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Music back on Youtube uk

TweetPRS and youtube have stuck a deal at last.. Each time you watch a music video on youtube in the uk the artist will now get some £ from youtube. In march 2009 youtube in the uk took off … Continue reading

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Death by facebook

TweetThe power is facebook is shown in this example of why a man killed his partner after she changed her Facebook status from “married” to “single”. The story goes along the lines of the lady was an avid facebook user. … Continue reading

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Lead and google earth

TweetSome negative reports from the bbc today about google earth about people using it to rob churches lead from the roofs. A wave of people taking lead from roofs of many churches and other buildings have be hitting the uk … Continue reading

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