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Google Adwords UK support phone number

TweetI was just searching on good old and came across this ad for adwords: My first thought was it some seo company pretending to be google slipping under the URL radar and redirecting to some crappy site.. But no it … Continue reading

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Google doodle for 240th Birthday of Richard Trevithick

TweetYet another fun Doodle from google. Richard Trevithick 240th birthday is the highlight for today… Trevithick was the guy that fine tuned the steam engine creating the “high pressure” version.  Richard Trevithick was not the inventor of the steam engine but his … Continue reading

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Panda live in the UK including geo update maybe ?

TweetLate on yesterday Matt cutts of google tweeted how panda is now live in all english serps.. In other words panda has hit the UK.. Now having just a quick look at the serps I do notice a fair drop … Continue reading

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Yuri Gagarin 50th Anniversary of the First Human Spaceflight

Tweetgoogle celebrates “Yuri Gagarin” .. Yuri Gagarin was the First manned spaceflight amazingly some 50th years ago.. Yuri won one of the biggest races between the USA and the former USSR. The Soviet was a hero. This Spaceflight was the one and only … Continue reading

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Google webmaster tools blackout on 6th April

TweetJust been having a quick look at my google webmaster tools account as its Monday and yet again google are not showing data for 6th of April across all sites.. This of course messes up all the % figures Here … Continue reading

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Update on Equifax google places issue

TweetI’ve just been sent this email from bview (thanks) I asked someone how they found out to contact me to sort this problem and they pointed me to your recent posts – hope you don’t mind me getting in touch, … Continue reading

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How to remove Equifax score from google places

TweetIf you missed it on Friday 1st April google added data from to the google place business pages. The problem was that clients of mine phoned asking “how do I get rid the a Equifax score on our google place page” … Continue reading

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Google places adds Equifax scores to places page

TweetSo what is Equifax? One of the uk largest credit scoring bureaus.. So what’s the problem? Well today google starting pulling data from a site called bview. Bview is built on a database from Equifax. So now google is showing … Continue reading

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