Google webmaster tools blackout on 6th April

Just been having a quick look at my google webmaster tools account as its Monday and yet again google are not showing data for 6th of April across all sites..

This of course messes up all the % figures

Here is a screen shot :

As you can see some of the stats have be recorded but less than 10%

This is the same across all the sites I have webmaster tools account along with all my client sites too.

The question as always is will the data be returned, I hope so..

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  • My sites show perfect data. This sometimes happens to few accounts. It has happened with me before even with google analytics.

    • Anonymous

      Yeh its fixed now.. Does happen and when I blogged this everyone one I asked saw the blackout 🙂

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    The Equifax data is out of date, and Google didn’t
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    feed of data we gave Google a long time ago (2+ years maybe?), but they
    declined to use it at the time.To the best of my knowledge, we removed this Equifax info from our
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