Update on Equifax google places issue

I’ve just been sent this email from bview (thanks)

I asked someone how they found out to contact me to sort this problem and they pointed me to your recent posts – hope you don’t mind me getting in touch, but thought this might be useful info for your readers.
Firstly, we’ve spoken with Google and asked them to remove this Equifax data ASAP. They have agreed to do this, but we don’t know how long it will take.
The Equifax data is out of date, and Google didn’t inform us that they were going to start displaying it. Had they contacted us prior to this information going live, we would not have approved of them using this data. The EFX score was included as part of a feed of data we gave Google a long time ago (2+ years maybe?), but they declined to use it at the time.
To the best of my knowledge, we removed this Equifax info from our site (bview.co.uk) around 18 months to two years ago in response to feedback from businesses, and we’re as suprised as everyone else to see it suddenly appear on Google.
We’re sorry for the hassle that this has caused, but about all we can do right now is wait for Google to fix the mistake.
Feel free to drop me a mail, or tweet me if you’d like any updates or clarifications.

So great news you no longer need to contact Bview just wait for google to up the info.

First spotted this issue on Friday 1st April 2011 http://www.seohome.co.uk/2011/04/01/google-places-adds-equifax-scores-to-places-page/

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