Google places adds Equifax scores to places page

So what is Equifax?

One of the uk largest credit scoring bureaus..

So what’s the problem? Well today google starting pulling data from a site called bview. Bview is built on a database from Equifax.

So now google is showing the credit score output from Equifax, I’m unable to work out if the score comes from the credit score on the address or the company number. It’s an odd move from google in my opinion. This data normally costs money to get hold of a report.

Now the worst thing about this is that you can’t remove the data from the places page on google and you can’t remove your company off the bview site either…

We endeavour to list every business in the UK. We now have 2.5 million and counting! We do not remove listings for businesses that are trading. If your business is no longer trading, register and click on the ‘update listing’ link. Then click on the ‘report this business as closed’ link. We will then investigate.

Here is a screen shot of a restaurant just up the road:

As soon as I find a way to remove this I’ll update this post!

Check out the update here:

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