How to remove Equifax score from google places

If you missed it on Friday 1st April google added data from to the google place business pages.

The problem was that clients of mine phoned asking “how do I get rid the a Equifax score on our google place page” at first I read about the data from bview which is a data dump from Equifax who are a credit scoring company here in the UK. As quote on the blog post from April the first here: Google places adds Equifax scores to places page you can not remove a company listing.

I’ve just found out from a client who phone bview that by emailing them on  you can request the score to be remove from your listing on bview and in time google will up date the data (may take a few days or maybe weeks all down to google)

Check out the update here:

So if you want it removed this is the way to go about it.

If you want to sort it out even faster its pretty simple to knock the score on to the more details link by adding enough data above it including the brands that you sell..

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