Google doodle for 240th Birthday of Richard Trevithick

Yet another fun Doodle from google.

Richard Trevithick 240th birthday is the highlight for today…

Trevithick was the guy that fine tuned the steam engine creating the “high pressure” version.  Richard Trevithick was not the inventor of the steam engine but his high pressure system allows a engine to be put on wheels and a frame. Trevithick created the first transportable powered engine, a steam train with power!

Its a great read about him here

And the full history here:

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  • Matt

    er, this wouldn’t work with those cods like that. Red and Yellow need to be separated! Big fail google!

    • Anonymous

      magic 😉

  • u0131 love google

    • Ofre

      ? love google

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  • Akter Mituakter Mitu2

    Richard Trevithick now attempted
    to produce a much larger steam road locomotive and on Christmas Eve,
    1801, it used it to take seven friends on a short journey. The
    locomotive’s principle features were a cylindrical horizontal boiler and
    a single horizontal cylinder let into it. The piston, propelled back
    and forth in the cylinder by pressure of steam, was linked by piston rod
    and connecting rod to a crankshaft bearing a large flywheel.Trevithick’s locomotive became known as the Puffing Devil but it could
    only go on short journeys as he was unable to find a way of keeping up
    the steam for any length of time.


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  • lblotusbong288

    Trevithick was the guy that pleasant adjusted the clean engine creating the “soprano pressure” variation.  Richard Trevithick was not the artificer of the steam engine but his inebriated somatesthesia method allows a engine to be put on wheels and a border. Trevithick created the front transportable supercharged engine, a clean prepare with index.

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  • Happy Birth Day Again in 240th time. Richard Trevithick was an inventor of power train his invention really proudly for us. Thanks for wishing bit about his another birthday! 

  • Microstoc

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