Google Adwords UK support phone number

I was just searching on good old and came across this ad for adwords:

My first thought was it some seo company pretending to be google slipping under the URL radar and redirecting to some crappy site..

But no it is google UK!!! Google are now giving “support” to adwords users via phone..

Yes you can say google have always given adwords support in google forums and if you phone google you might be lucky to get hold of someone who can help with a problem OR of course you have large enough accounts (spend) to get an account manager.


This is different.. I clicked on the ad and ended up here:

You can also open an account here

So if you are looking for help then UK google adwords phone number is 0844 338 0343

What interesting is all the “contact us” links in the nav still go to the old adword help page that asks question and suggest you use the forum OR email them…

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