Panda live in the UK including geo update maybe ?

Late on yesterday Matt cutts of google tweeted how panda is now live in all english serps.. In other words panda has hit the UK..

Now having just a quick look at the serps I do notice a fair drop for those article sites and Q&A sites with no real content so it seems to be working..

The one interesting comment I read in the official google blog post from here:

Was a comment from some called “hypertexture” about how the keyword Jersey was updated and not including the like of New Jersey. This has always been a massive problem for google. I do not fully monitor many local terms as that’s not my niche but I know of many terms that “used” to pull up .au and USA results like the above.

One of the killers terms google always hard problems with was somewhere+hotel when the UK place name in also a USA place name e.g. Jersey and New Jersey, York, Birmingham .. the list goes on… I’ve just checked “Jersey Hotels” and it’s interesting to see now NJ isn’t getting into the serps until the 4th page here in the UK so has panda helped fix the GEO too ???

Of course more info to come as stats for a full day aren’t in yet and many serps to check.

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  • Yes, its now live in UK, i have seen fluctuations in my website traffic for yesterday.

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    know of many terms that “used” to pull up .au and USA results like the
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