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Google shopping is down in the UK

TweetJust had an email from a client asking if google shopping is down? And yes it’s currently down in the uk showing: Some of the search options are temporarily unavailable. You can repeat the search with standard options, or try again … Continue reading

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New Digg 404’s old digg

TweetWow.. digg has 404’d the old site for the new design.. Wow.. who has done that? Digg ranks (ranked) for so many search terms which it no longer will.. All of those outbound links are gone now too.. Here is … Continue reading

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By default enabling My Product Listing Ads doesn’t work in the UK

TweetI’ve been running and playing with google’s adwords product listings for a while now and forever and a day I’ve been working on the google merchant shopping feed (froogle/base). Back in 2006 I got invited into to google to work with them … Continue reading

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Banking link bait from virgin money.

Tweet Link bait and money 2 of the dirtiest words for an seo heehehe .. Well virgin headed up by no other than Sir Richard Branson has began his assault on the UK banking sector taking over North Rock (bits of it) to become … Continue reading

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Google celebrate 76th Birthday of Roger Hargreaves Author of Mr men

TweetToday google are celebrating the birthday of one of the most famous authors in the world. Roger Hargreaves is the creator, author and illustrator of children’s books Mr Men and Little miss. Like me you probably grow up with the Mr … Continue reading

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NYT out JC Penney to the teacher (google)

TweetSeo blogs today and over the weekend have gone crazy with the NYT outting of J C Penny as google slapped on a penaly to their rankings.. Your be able to read it here if you haven’t already I’m … Continue reading

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Death by facebook

TweetThe power is facebook is shown in this example of why a man killed his partner after she changed her Facebook status from “married” to “single”. The story goes along the lines of the lady was an avid facebook user. … Continue reading

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Twitter 1 in 15 people will follow an empty account.

TweetIn the UK twitter is all over the news.. So i’m guessing I should post about it agian… See google uk trends here: Click here  Well yesterday I opened my 3rd twitter account for a new site launched 2 … Continue reading

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Pagination – php .htaccess paging code for seo

TweetOver the last 2 weeks i’ve been working a lot on paging in php. so… Pretty simple to get first last next and previous to work in php. Looking at resources on the web I haven’t seen many paging php … Continue reading

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Mr site hit by Trojans ..

TweetIf you haven’t heard of Mr site is a massive cheap cms .. basically a website in a box.. I know loads of people who use it to try selling on the web as it cheap and a pretty good … Continue reading

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