Google celebrate 76th Birthday of Roger Hargreaves Author of Mr men

Today google are celebrating the birthday of one of the most famous authors in the world.

Roger Hargreaves is the creator, author and illustrator of children’s books Mr Men and Little miss.

Like me you probably grow up with the Mr Men book.. I have a lot of respect for Roger Hargreaves for such a simple but great idea.

google have 16 images that rotate on refresh show below:

Image1 Little Miss Chatter box:

Image 2 Little Miss Curious:

Image 3 Little Miss Magic (seems to of lost some weight – that’s magic):

Image 4 not sure about these ??? :

Image 5 a party of Mr men and little miss:

Image 6 everyone know this one.. Little Miss Sunshine:

Image 7 not sure about this either :

Image 8 another easy one Mr Bump:

Image 9 not sure??:

Image 10 Mr forgetful:

Image 11 A thinnish Mr Funny:

Image 12 Of course who else but Mr Happy:

Image 13 Mr Jelly (very cool dude):

Image 14 Mr Rush:

Image 15 Mr Slow:

Image 16 Mr Tickle:

I’ve missed a few so please feel free to comment below any additions and corrections.

Last but not least a massive 76th happy birthday to Roger Hargreaves

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