Google bug for blocked URLs

I run a large forum and had a “Defamation Complaint: UK” as a member had posted about how they felt they had been scammed.

I’m not going to quote as don’t want to url removed for the search results but here is the gist..

Said member had paid for an ad in a publication which was sold with a mediapack explaining the circulation which seemed off the scale for the location of this publication.. For the member it was to late when he/she had worked it out and tried to stop the ad and not pay.. The publication sent threats for late payment..

The member then wanted to warm other members of my forum and did so by posting a thread.. The thread got a lot of traction as other members including me had been approached by this hard selling publication. All members who’d turned down the offer did for the same reason as me, I couldn’t see who would read this mag and at the prices it was just crazy!

On chillingeffects I’m 1 on 100’s of sites outing said publication.

Anyway.. To the point…

Yes google removed the content from which is fine and I’m not going to fight it..

BUT.. (point of the post)

I constantly get emails from google webmaster tools warming me about the removal of 1 URL..

The URL is non public now and I’ve even used the URL removal to manually remove the url BUT I still get emails. If it was monthly reports etc that would be fine but its not..

Here is the screen shot from webmaster tools:

As you can see the dates are a little crazy for 1 url being block..

Here is the gmail screen shot for the emails I get:

As you can see if you know gmail the “show quoted text” as this email is a duplication .. All 4 email are identical.

I’ve read in forum that this is common.

I hope google will fix it..

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  • I opened a thread in the Google webmasters forum for this issue (I see it as well) which as far as a I know is as close as it comes to official support for webmaster tools. nnn

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    yes blocked url in google is a very big problem . n

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    I also agree that blocked irl in google is big problem. Google should recheck blocked url so that true and unique url can start again. nmanual article submissionn

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  • My major complaint is Google are spreading bad US law to the rest of us, maybe they’ll ship theirndata centres out of the US, and stop this messing around.

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  • Blocked URL’s  are really big problem but normally Google  normally fix this type of error faster then others.

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    We think that the router is about three years old so was manufactured
    well before Windows 7 was released. A bug in the router firmware
    (similar to software) defaulted to only allow access to Google if the
    router did not recognize the operating system accessing it.Such a bug may have been an error in the firmware or possibly used
    for testing purposes and released into the wild (on routers sold to the
    public) unknowingly. In our case the router worked fine with XP and
    Vista wireless laptops but did not recognize W7 as an operating system
    so blocked all web requests except Google – even though it connected
    fine with a strong wireless signal.


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    I also agree that blocked irl in google is big problem.

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