Banking link bait from virgin money.

Link bait and money 2 of the dirtiest words for an seo heehehe ..

Well virgin headed up by no other than Sir Richard Branson has began his assault on the UK banking sector taking over North Rock (bits of it) to become a “high street bank”

A few weeks ago I got the invite to a “Mystery Event” hosted by virgin which Sir Branson will be attending.. My first thought was what interesting link bait..

The invite criteria was basically do you blog/tweet etc.. send us your profiles and we will invite you if you have enough followers/traffic etc..

Simple ideas to get your message out to the blogging world.. The key to what made this interesting was it was invite only and no one was told what it was about.

A great way to create a buzz of course… As time has gone on virgin confirmed it was regarding virgin money and twitter is alive with the leak of info that it’s going to be a massive projection on to the Senate house in London..  Yet more link bait 😉

The best bit about a conformation email is the following paragraph:

As we’ll be outdoors there’ll be Tea/Coffee and Hot Soup available to help you keep warm before the event takes, place but make sure you bring your coat and wrap up warm! Don’t forget your camera and smart phone so you can tweet, blog, and share photos of what you see!

As always I do what I’m told so off soon with my iphone and a coat 😉



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  • Hi, I wish you good luck on that event.  Mystery Event sounds so promising. I hope you post what’s to transpire here on your site. 🙂

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  • I think it’s not dirty if others can benefit and you also can benefit from it. It’s a matter of how well you approach the method so that you won’t be able to affect others. But others who have less understanding would understand that this approach is a dirty tactic.

  • “Link bait and money 2 of the dirtiest words for an seo heehehe ..” – LOL, I like, quality way to start a post Gabs! 🙂

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