UK traffic trends up to Christmas

I love trends and this is always an interesting one… The lead up to xmas in the UK.

Here is the traffic for 3 sites.

  1. The first one has nothing to do with xmas and you can see a drop off of some 80% in traffic due to xmas. 100% UK based and the site is of no real use this time of year.
  2. The second site is 100% UK based with and has all year appeal but has Christmas sections but these spiked mid November.
  3. Similar to site 2 this site has all year appeal but again has Christmas sections BUT has world traffic (mostly USA)



The stats and graphs show how much of us in the UK search less and less going towards xmas day.

I do of course have sites that trend the other way that sell gifts but the above sites don’t sell anything and I consider them as a good overview of UK trends.



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  • Anonymous

    I agree with you that the graph shows the UK traffic.

  • thank you for shaing…

  • Valentines day is approaching and I think valentine gift related sites will peak this month. You really can’t compare Christmas vs Valentines in terms of the people who are  really celebrating it but if you will try to gain data for SEO purposes then it is better to study all occasions  and how Google   handles  search queries.  I maybe wrong but this is just my 2 cents.   

  • @executivegifts I love the way you observed the SEO phenomenon every holiday season, I agree with you that SEO science can be heightened by continually observing all important holidays in a year. Maybe if the SEO netisens will just come together so that we can all observed and benefit from it.  The fruits of these studies are going to be higher Google page  rank and more clients for us SEO geeks.