New twitter interface December 2011

So today I log in twitter to get the sexy new interface.. I can’t see much buzz about it on twitter so thought I better blog it here:

Here is the main screen shot:

Here is the “new” @connect (same as the twitter iphone ap)

Here is the new “Discover” which is showing trending #tags and or tweets with stories.

Enjoy playing 🙂

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  • Wow. very nice. Twitter has been a part of my life, and this past few days I wasn’t able to check it because my PC is busted. But I am happy to see their changes. Nice post!

  • Rickherns

    As you are all working on your Social Media Strategy you’ll be interested to know that Twitter have rolled out a new front end design over the last few days, changing again the use of screen estate on it’s browser based interface. Some accounts have already been updated and if you are one of those happy (or not) users, this short guide is geared towards how you can make best use of the new layouts for your brand.

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  • Twitter has been achieving  a steady popularity for quite some time now, a medium not just for catching up with friends and family but also as a tool for online marketing.  This added new feature is surely a welcome tool for regular users and business owners alike.  Making use of this new layout feature will surely enhance an account user’s page.

  • Hi! I just opened a twitter account today and I a still learning how to use it. Unfortunately I can’t say if it is better because it is my first time to use it. I don’t have an idea regarding the old look . I will have to Google it .    (=

  • The new interface is better than the old one. But I still prefer the old one.

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  •  Twitter has been very useful for me in getting important updates out to clients and other interested groups.  I like the new interface.

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