When a Ski resort taps into Social media

For 7 years now, year on year I go to a resort in Austria. Some 7yrs ago the resort was small and not to well known. Each year it has grown from strength to strength…

When I have sometime I’d like to blog about the massive changes to the promotions the ski resort of Saalbach has taken up, but no time now.

So a quick post…

Saalbach Twitter account is growing fast day by day regarding reaction to tweets.

As we all know follower count matter and don’t mention Klout to me lol (jokers)  See here: http://twittercounter.com/compare/saalbach/3month/followers

With daily snow reports and photo’s it’s the “real” use for social media ihmo!!!

Yes the twitter re-actionable growth in less than a year has been great BUT facebook is the real deal still in Austria.

Germans go to this resort more than any other nationality and the up take of twitter in Germany is lower than facebook.

43,158like this

2,459talking about this



The mass of video and images on facebook is just amazing. This is a “true” use of facebook to “share”

I’ll find sometime one day and gets some stats to expand of growth and sharing.

Laters 🙂


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  • Dude I really wanna thank you for writing about ski resort of Saalbach. I’m well aware of that ski resort. Last year i visit Austria and Saalbach as well. It gives me pleasure such nice resort is progressing very well. Thanks

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