Mr site hit by Trojans ..

If you haven’t heard of Mr site is a massive cheap cms .. basically a website in a box..

I know loads of people who use it to try selling on the web as it cheap and a pretty good cms for newbies.

Over the weekend and notice went out as follows:

Due to continual problems with Trojan Viruses on the Mr Site servers we would recommend you do not update or republish your site until Mr Site has emailed all users to confirm that this has been rectified.

Mr site has removed its support forum a while back but a unoffical site was setup here:Â

I hope this guys get it sorted as I know of many unhappy customers who can’t change/update their sites.

This may have a major effect on the UK serps if google block/warn searchers about this…

Mr site, site is down too..Â Â some crazy s**t going on here..

I’m getting 1.4 million indexed pages on google see this link:Â

I guessing maybe 100,000’s of sites are effect as many of these sites are tiny e.g. 3 pages etc..


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