Webmaster guidelines updated! Now google allow id=


Seem an odd annoucement to me.. hmmm

I’ve seen session id’s in the serps for yrs..

I’ve also say as far away from them as possiable due to massive issues with duplicate content..

Once upon a time.. I had a phpbb forum that had some 10,000 index page on google .. some how (I assume a link) google index about 10 session id’s and index over 200,000 pages.. loads and loads of dup’s.. The ranking shot up for a short time until the site was penalised..

If you interested I bought Vbulletin and moved to a new domain and i’ve never had a problem since..

So .. This is what google says anyway!


Don’t use “&id=” as a parameter in your URLs, as we don’t include these pages in our index.

However, we’ve recently removed that technical guideline, and now index URLs that contain that parameter. So if your site uses a dynamic structure that generates it, don’t worry about rewriting it — we’ll accept it just fine as is. Keep in mind, however, that dynamic URLs with a large number of parameters may be problematic for search engine crawlers in general, so rewriting dynamic URLs into user-friendly versions is always a good practice when that option is available to you. If you can, keeping the number of URL parameters to one or two may make it more likely that search engines will crawl your dynamic urls.


More info : http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2006/10/update-to-our-webmaster-guidelines.html

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