bigsnapsearch mentioned on virgin radio all day!

Now I don’t listen much to the radio but in the morning whilst having a show it good to have a few tunes in the background and hear the latest news and what issues London is having with the transport system..

Here is my radio .. pretty cool..

Anyway back to the point…

Between each and every song in the morning on Virgin radio the presenter keeps going on about bigsnap …Â Search and you can win blahhh…

Not just that but the competition on the radio for people to phone in are once again related to bigsnap..

Yesterday to question was “What have search for on bigsnapsearch where you can win, which returned a site about “pickels” ”
(some dog with found a shed load of cash)

The “new” search engine as its called by the radio presenters should have a name change to big virgin search 😉

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