Digg double index.

This week I’ve seen some talk about people linking to IP’s ..

Now it used to be far more common, but now domain is king..

Regarding seo, ip’s are a nightmare..

SER had a post about it here: http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/016518.htmlÂ

Anyway.. Every day I seem to see a ip index for something or other, normally long tail terms but just now I was search a username of a forum member as you do and came accross no other than digg..

Digg has been double index via digg.com and a ip..

Over 90,000 pages are indexed on that ip have a look:


The one interesting thing to look at is which pages are index ip vs domain.. 9 million vs 90k… lets say only 10 links point to the ip then those 10 link would index 90k of pages… something to think about.. but finding what and who has linked is a real pain..

I suspect it might be to do with some api or widgets…

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