Adwords Quality score? real quality!

I’ve posted about this in the forums and of course heard of many other webmasters having a few probs..

So what’s the “score” ..

 Well on one site I have been targetting a highly searched word due to it being a brand name but also a item name..
An example would be “apples” .. My site offer apples.. cool apple, nice apples and so on..

Now the CTR is going to be low.. Fine.. @ present only 2 other advertisers.. 1 is like “applekitchens” the other is a competitor..

Now.. for the length of the campaign the ads been in 3rd position..

The ad cost 3p per click (my choice) but google would of taken 2p..


The new quality score has taken it from my chosen 3p to 20p then today to 50p only 2 ads show for now.. I wonder how long those will last…


Screen shot for ya..



It has now reached £5.00 per click.. Need I say more 😀

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