AdWords VAT Setting Changed – Potential Refund


I read the title of the email and thought bingo.. 🙂

But… I’m not sure…

Being self employed in the uk are arn’t really a business as such and do not not a company ID or VAT number to own some £££’s …

Anyway, most things for self employeed are set up as for “non-business” e.g. you the person pays and not a business..

The email goes on to tell me that i’m using my PPC for a “business purpose” and:

As a result of this discovery, we have switched your VAT setting and will no longer add Irish VAT to your AdWords charges. You are now responsible for self-assessing VAT at your country’s local rate (Ref: article 194 of Council Directive 2006/112/EC).Great so I get to save 22% and get a refund from the last 3/4yrs of 22% nice 😉 maybe ?

Anyway if you need help with this then see this useless page:

Lucky i’m off to see my account within the month so I’ll let him work this one out..


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