adsense login gone ?

Every day I login to my gmail and my adsense to have a looky at how the sites are doing and of course to check one load of my emails…

Almost every day I get the warning about a image on google adsense login page and also the same warning on the homepage of me gmail.. see below:

If you don’t know this is due to being in https (secure server) and a image being pulled from a non secure server..

So.. Each and every day I just say no and whatever image(s) get skipped..

BUT today…..

I said no after click on the link to the adsense login page see here And again i’m asked do I want to view unsecure items? Again I see no and get this:

Google logo broken and no FORM..

I don’t give a monkeys about the logo but the form ? Come on..


IE7 window XP btw

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