Facebook is racist?

I’ve been meaning to blog this for 2 weeks but kept letting it slip but hey here we are…

So why could facebook be a racist…

At the start of August 2007 a load of massive advertisers in the UK pulled out of using facebook to promote their products..

2 of the big players in the uk that end advertising are Vodafone and Virgin…

So why? Whats this all about ?

Well over in the UK we have a “group” / “party” called the BNP (Britsh national party)Â

The BPN is a very “Right-wing group”

Here is a quote from vodafone

“Our public policy principles state that we do not make political donations or support particular party political interests and therefore to avoid misunderstandings we immediately withdrew our advertising as soon as this was brought to our attention.”

You can read more here:


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  • in a way this is just petty!

    When a company is trying to be extremely squeaky clean its quite disturbing.

    However what are the implications, for social network advertising which already only yield low returns.